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Tutor a Workshop in Africa


Let us plan and escort an economical bespoke painting or photography safari, or any outdoor open-air activity course for your students, group or workshop in Tanzania or Kenya with yourself as tutor, and within your pupils/artists preferred budget...

Bring your own group! Should you manage to gather 7 travellers or more, (they do not all have to paint or join the group activity) we can plan and escort a Teaching Safari in Tanzania or Kenya to fit your vision and their pockets, and your personal fees and travel costs will all be covered. A special safari to locations where the group can take classes in the open, absorbing the feel of Africa, not sitting at all times in a vehicle. We therefore choose to stay in private game ranches and Maasai sanctuaries. This means only brief visits to the famous game parks as the rules and regulations prevent alighting from the car to sketch, paint or any other activity, and not being out after 18.00 hours means no sunsets..

Depending on the location, type of accommodation and park fees if applicable a 7-15 day safari can cost from anything from €1,000 up to €4,000 per person, and include a visit to fabulous sites like the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Remember.....their friends and partners, non-students, will have an exciting game viewing full-on safari, and, with different experiences during the day campfire conversation will be all the more interesting. Let us plan a safari for you, make an itinerary and budget tailor-made to suit you and your group, meet you on arrival, take care of their leisure and pleasure, and see to your departure after a memorable holiday experience.

Africa is a mystical yet challenging country. Once experienced one is drawn back again and again. The people of the different tribes and countries are as unalike as a Greek and a Norseman, but we lump them together as Africans. Well, some of us are 'Europeans'! So why not. Remnants of the pioneering spirit is still in evidence and many settlers from all over the world are still there, working among their friends and fellow countrymen, in this case, in East Africa. Big game is what the tourist comes to see. Yet there is another aspect. Today's traveller is discerning and needs more than a game-viewing jaunt in a 4WD, and this we can offer you.

There are tutors all over the world, teaching courses in some of these subjects to people who would like to travel and learn or practice at the same time. For you and for them we can arrange a safari to suit your style and subject.

Painting. Drawing. Nature. Literature. Film. Photography. That's our metier. Yours may be different, yet overlapping. Spiritualism. Poetry. Singing. Transcendental Meditation with a holistic effect. Music. Dancing. Writing. . . Whatever, there's a place for everyone.

A Yoga Safari.
Teach Yoga to your group in magnificent settings whilst enjoying the excitement of seeing the wild animals in their habitat. There are riverside platforms near the mountains. Rocky plateaus overlooking vast expanses of wilderness. White, white sands on the beaches and in Zanzibar. In the savannah a tarpaulin will be laid in a cleared area in the shade of a acacia trees and staff will provide chilled water and other refreshments.
The Painting Safari.
This is our favourite. Very peaceful, and as close to the people, the earth and the animals as we can get.

Photographic/Photography Safari.
A note from BJ. With my experience as a film producer and designer the light and locations of Tanzania are an open book. Bring your students on a safari where they are not cooped up in a car and brought back in the lodge by six. Where my experience at getting close to the wild animals really counts. Where my knowledge of the people and the language gains access. Where if needed, I can obtain a permit take pictures or even to video.

Contact: Interested teachers, tutors and group leaders please (or use our contact form) your Workshop  Manager/Guide, for ideas based on your course profile, budget, travel and venue preference.

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