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'I've had a great time!
I have been on three painting jaunts.
First was instantly forgettable
Second was forgettable
Third... this one... Memorable!
I still think about it...
against the day I will actually be able to paint.'

D.Hill, May 2007
Photo collage, photos from Africa by Wil Werner
Photos by Wil Werner - www.wilwerner.com

Photo Album of our 2007 Painting Safari by Wil Werner - PLEASE CLICK HERE -
A Different World

Magnificent wildlife, majestic knarled trees,
Such a beautiful landscape is hard to believe
Powerful contrasts absorbed day after day,
Beauty and Beast in abundant display

Soft dappled light. Silence. African heat,
The dung and red dust, yet a perfect retreat
Elephants, monkeys, giraffe, birds of prey,
Extraordinary creatures seen day after day

Kind hospitality with all we can eat,
Papaya, bread, peanut soup, bananas so sweet
Delicious camp cooking, wine, succulent meat,
Comfortable beds - this camp is a treat!

Smiles, waving, courtesy. Jostling crowds,
Bikes, jeeps and lorries. Cows pulling their ploughs
The bustling market, fresh produce for sale,
Curious glances at strangers, so pale

In ochre mud huts there’s a dignified pride,
Vivid red, orange, blue of a shy Maasai tribe
Then enchanted by Schumann in soft candlelight,
Jan’s beautiful singing a cultural highlight

Is this rich? Is it poor? Is it dirty or clean?
Can it be Darwin’s Nightmare or an African Dream?
Everywhere colour, beautiful, bright
A photographer’s dream, a painter’s delight

So thank you to Gaelle and thank you BJ,
For all that you’ve done for this memorable stay
A break from our world, a week’s tranquillity,
Shikamuu, Mzuri,
A big Asante

by Kate Stratton, April 2007
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