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About Us

BJ (Barbara Jane) grew up in East Africa. Her father was an engineer, an artist, and a cartoonist for the newspaper East African Standard. The family of seven children followed him from home in Dar es Salaam to distant outposts, on Lake Victoria, the Usambaras, Kilimanjaro and the Ruwenzoris. He built the last stages of the famous ‘Lunatic Express’ railroad to the Mountains of the Moon and inspired his children to paint and to travel extensively.

BJ pursued a career in film as art director, later as producer. Her work has taken her all over the world, eventually giving her the chance in 1985 to return to her home country Tanganyika, now Tanzania. She settled in East Africa producing TV commercials and films with international film crews, taking them on safaris and managing their every artistic and logistic whim. This gave her further opportunity to explore every corner of this part of Africa so rich in wildlife, people and unforgettable landscapes.

You are encouraged to bring a tutor or run your own workshop. If you would like a tutor with experience in Africa, artist Gaelle Hamp-Adams can join us again. Gaelle grew up in South Africa. In 1982 after extensive travel she settled in Europe, which gave her the chance to further her studies in London completing a Foundation Course at the Byam Shaw, and a B Tec in General Art and Design at Kensington and Chelsea College. Her strong ties and regular trips to Africa inspire her work. Gaelle shows a varied interest in subject matter, her innate curiosity this leads her to constantly experiment with different mediums and techniques, which is reflected in her paintings. Many of which hang in private collections in Europe, South Africa and the USA.
Visit her website Gaelle Hamp-Adams Gallery +

We are completely at home in Africa and yet still in awe of the vast expanse of this continent and all that it has to offer the creative spirit. We want to share it with you and invite you to join us. Our African Wildlife Painting Safaris are an exclusive chance for artists of any level, experienced or aspiring, to savour the beauty, excitement of Africa at a pace which allows you to appreciate the smallest detail. Our objective is to meet the local people, observe the wildlife, seek new vistas, turn a journey into an adventure, and simply enjoy ourselves. We are going on an African Painting Safari Holiday!

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